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Nonton Film Haechi (2019) Sub Indo

Download Film Haechi (2019) Sub Indo

Genre: Drama
Tahun: Durasi: 35 MinDilihat: 34 views
1 votes, average 8.0 out of 10

Haechi is an entertaining adventure story of four young passionate Joseon leaders shaking up the dynasty. The loner prince in the castle, Yi Geum is burning with desire to revolutionize his kingdom. Park Mun Su, a smart lad with a big heart for justice grows to become the best secret royal inspector. Dal Moon, the infamous street rat and Saheonbu’s independent lady, Yeo Ji, are all up to end the corruption that’s been prevailing the nation. A new day is coming in which justice is redefined and a new era is about to begin!


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Last Air Date: 12 Feb 2019
Number Of Episode: 4